Pacelli Presents: One Act Plays

When: November 13 & 14 at 7:00 pm and November 15 at 2:00 pm
Where: Pacelli FACC
Cost: Adults $8.00 / Students & Seniors: $5.00

The show consists of four separate one act plays:  "Small Actors" by Stephen Gregg, "The Bench: Winter" by Carrie Gruman-Trinkner, "The Bench: Autumn" by Carrie Gruman-Trinkner, and " This is a Test" by Stephen Gregg.

The first show is about a girl who, after receiving a tiny role in her school play, finds out her parents cannot attend as they will be on vacation.  The girl then lies to her parents and tells them she got the leading role of Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet."  Her parents cancel their plans and fly in all the relatives to see their daughter in the role.  It is a story about forgiveness and redemption.

The second two shows won "Audience Favorite" in a one act play festival and is two scenes from an original play, "The Bench: A Play in Four Seasons."  It centers around the people and situations on a bench in a local park.  The first play is a meeting between a father and his daughter who is on the brink of leaving him.  The father struggles through the stages of grief with the impending changes in his life.  The second centers on a man and his wife who has dementia who meet a young man on the cusp of his adult life.  

The final play is about a young man who has the ultimate test anxiety experience:  Everything goes wrong in incredibly funny ways.

Europe Trip 2016: London, Paris, Normandy

June 13 - June 22

Join Madame Trebs and others on an excursion through London, Paris and Normandy! This trip will take place in June 2016, but now is the time to register for this exciting opportunity! See flyer and presentation below for more information or contact Marian Trzbiatowski at

Cost Savings Extended!!! - To save $200 book your trip before October 1, 2014 by using the Discount code "2016earlybird". Also, if you are considering adding a "stay ahead" or "stay behind" to your trip, but you are not sure on the dates, you should reserve your spot now without checking that option. You have up until January 4, 2016 to add the extension. This will save you $50 on a change in itinerary fee.

Informational Flyer (Updated 8/14) | Full Presentation

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November 26-28 - Thanksgiving Break


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